From creative beginnings to a background in academia; I know what good writing looks like. I know how to cater to different audiences both online and in print and am committed to high standards whatever the tone or style. I pride myself on my attention to detail and the belief that every piece should be made-to-measure to fit your needs perfectly.

I’m a:
—Content writer (specialising in creative content)
—Critical writer

Although capable of researching and writing about a variety of topics in different styles (both online and in print), my preferences lie in the creative realm.

I also have an interest and workable knowledge base in the following:

— Food
— Language learning
— Calligraphy
— History
— Social issues
— Charitable causes
— The environment
— Unsolved mysteries
— The paranormal
— Animals
— Health and nutrition

I don’t provide:

— Images (*at present).
— Material that is purely SEO based (while I believe SEO is important and keep it in mind; my belief is that quality writing should come first).
— Anything that’s not related to the writing itself, such as website design or maintenance.

If you’re not sure we can meet each other’s needs, there’s no harm in dropping me a line!


Every job is unique and therefore requires a unique price. After discussing your needs and requirements (and assessing if I’m the best writer for you!), I will send you a quote that includes all my input from start to finish, including: research and outlining, writing, two rounds of revisions, proofreading and admin.

My rates are affordable and competitive. I strive to strike a balance between creating the best content possible at the fairest price.