Process/ Ts +Cs

  1. After a careful read of my website and the things I do and don’t offer; It’d be great to have a chat. Email me at to see if we make a good pair.
  2. Thick as thieves and ready to go? At this stage I’ll send you a speedy questionnaire that briefs me on the piece and allows me to work out your quote at a reasonable price. Please note that after the initial stages (i.e., when I start writing), any major additions or changes may require a new quote added to the final invoice.
  3. When I receive your questionnaire, I’ll get back to you as soon as possible with a fixed-price quote and a delivery date for the first draft.
  4. If you’re happy to proceed, have a quick read of my other Ts and Cs below— before sending me a confirmation email. This email acts as a contract and must state explicitly that you agree with my quote, my Ts and Cs and the proposed delivery date (+ if applicable the person who acts as the point of contact from this stage onwards and their email address). It’s the client’s responsibility to make sure they read and understand this tedious but very important stuff. It’s about protecting everybody.
  5. I receive your confirmation email. Phew; aren’t you glad that’s over? It was starting to get heavy for a second. Rejoice. Now we can let the good times roll. I start researchin’ and coffee-a-drinkin’; rolling out that first draft like a well-oiled machine. I may need to drop you an odd line to provide further information during the writing process.
  6. I send you a copy of the first draft. If you’re happy we can proceed to point 8.
  7. If not, you have 7 days to request a second draft in which you state how you’d prefer the writing to be presented, allowing me a reasonable amount of time to complete it. My quote includes 2 revisions (if needed) and if you require them, give me a heads-up within 7 days. The first revision is for any significant changes such as rewrites, change in voice, moving things around etc (bearing in mind that if those changes extend beyond what was stated in the original quote, I retain the right to draw up a new quote). The second revision is for minor changes in which I’ll require a list (as comprehensive as possible) for the details you’d like me to revise.
  8. When all is sweet, I’ll send you the final draft. Project done and dusted. I’ll send you an invoice to be paid within 7 days, followed by a receipt once you’ve made payment.

There’s nothing like Ts and Cs to make me feel thoroughly awkward. I know that you’re a stand-up person; so aside from the process section above (which is inclusive of my Ts and Cs) let’s get some more points over with so that we can both continue with our lives:

—Depending on the scale of the project, I may ask for a deposit of 50% of the total price before sending you a finished piece. In the event of a plague, tornado (highly unlikely in my neck of the woods) or anything else that stops me from completing the work, you will of course be entitled to a full refund. If you wish to drop the project at the writing stage, I’m entitled to keep the deposit.

—If you require the first draft earlier than agreed (and significantly earlier) this will incur an additional charge.

—I retain copyright of the work until you’ve made payment in full, after which you hold the copyright. With your permission I may use an extract as part of my portfolio or to promote the work/your website on my social media pages. Otherwise I do not retain the right to use or share the work in any other format.

—As the client you are legally responsible for the work I’ve written for you to publish. While this should never be an issue (I take all possible precautions) you use my services at your own risk and agree to take full responsibility should a problem arise.