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My passion for writing and researching began with my great-grandmother…

A wonderfully difficult lady: obsessed by Shakespeare, grammar and the only person I know who has acquired most of the digital products in her house from winning the The Sunday Times crossword at least three times. As a child she was fastidious in checking my language; whether this was squashing a stray split infinitive, pruning my punctuation or most famously if I was using ‘me’ and ‘I’ incorrectly at the beginning of a sentence.

Every Sunday she would read my favourite stories in the voice from her days as a radio actress for the BBC; her lunch going cold as I enjoyed tales of a wizard teaching in an ordinary school and a mouse who could make magic doodles come to life. Her passion for stories, characters and the human experience shone through in a voice that was once described as ‘crushed velvet’—inspiring me and igniting my imagination to write stories and articles of my own.

If I came across a word I didn’t know my grandmother would make me look it up. She encouraged me to write both poetry and stories, critiquing both the good and the bad and made me date and sign each one for posterity.

If I was mildly interested in something new; a book on the subject would likely appear on the dining table the following week and I would often receive an envelope after school written in her distinctive hand; filled with newspaper clippings of book reviews and interesting articles.

This rigorous creative training didn’t leave me, despite spending my early twenties exploring other avenues, including customer service and the caring profession. I realised later however, that I needed to follow my true passion in life—writing and researching; and so I started a BA in Humanities (specialising in French and creative writing), founded a blog at janedoewrites.com and launched a career in freelance writing.

There are thousands of freelance writers out there; maybe more than the visible stars one could count in the night sky. Each of us has something unique to offer, a special collection of life experiences and talents that no one else possesses. From creative beginnings to a background in academia; I know what good writing looks like. I know how to cater to different audiences both online and in print and am committed to high standards whatever the tone or style. I pride myself on my attention to detail and the belief that every piece should be made-to-measure to fit your needs perfectly.

Fun Facts About Me

  • Every time I go to a café I try a different syrup in my coffee. Whether this be mint, caramel, almond or hazelnut I like the novelty of this simple; sweet pleasure in a world of excess and as a distraction from writing perfectionism.
  • My favourite children’s book series is: A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket and my favourite novel is Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert. Any whiff of nineteenth century French literature or twentieth century American—and you better hold me a seat.
  • I think Grammarly is useful but certainly bot to be usered comme substitute for writin’ sloppi as.
  • I have a birthmark in the shape of a misshapen egg or lopsided moon. When I was little I used to think everyone had one— almost like a trademark for the human race. My seven-year old self then wrote about this fact in a short story in which we were all the property of the almighty ‘egg’ in the sky; who stamps us at birth. Parents don’t tell you this.
  • I have a strange obsession with the films of Roberto Rossellini, the actress Ingrid Bergman, Fabergé eggs, calligraphy, the paranormal, American colonial history, Japanese medieval history, French (all history), city-mooching, etymology, back-to-school stationary, magic realism, abandoned places, Lomography, Buffy the Vampire Slayer pre—Dawn Summers, codes and ciphers, old bookshops, forensic linguistics, world cuisine— oh yeah and friends.